Sport Pains & Athletes


If you are serious about sport,Body Restoration is a vital resource.

It will cover:
Enhanced Sports Performance
• Injury Prevention
• Sports Injury Management and Rehabilitation
• Biomechanics: Body Balancing
• Improved Speed, Agility, Flexibility, Strength & Endurance
• Reduction in Muscle Pain and Fatigue, Post Performance

How does Body Restoration work for sport ?

This is method is working on muscles, ligaments, tendons and connective tissue. The release experienced in the muscle bed allows the muscle to relax, gain length and be able to receive adequate blood supply and essential oxygen. Sports performers are often unbalanced. Single muscles can seize creating wider problems in the groups that surround them. This will directly affect the range of movement, create restriction and often pain. Acute injuries need to be addressed to make sure the body does not compensate for the damage and develop other difficulties, Chronic injuries (those of more than six weeks duration) have layers of restriction which need to be unravelled to expose the root cause.
Initial treatment usually requires only three or four clinic sessions with management sessions recommended over three months. The method works closely in conjunction with physiotherapists, podiatrists and fitness experts to gain optimum performance and injury prevention.

The Bowen Technique can:

  • Address and improve the body’s proprioceptive ability (the Bowen move calls for the involvement of Ruffini nerves - proprioceptive nerves found in the skin) to allow for maximum stability and balance during movement, thereby preventing injuries
  • Improve flexibility and movement by allowing the body to become aware and ultimately remove connective tissue ’sticking’ points.

(Research into The Bowen Technique had been accepted for presentation at the first International Fascia Research Conference in Boston, USA in October 2007. The conference was a chance for manual body workers and scientists to come together and try to make sense of what we do. The research explored the effect of Bowen on hamstring flexibility and showed that not only did Bowen indeed increase flexibility, but it actually increased over a period of seven days, something that has never before been demonstrated using manual techniques alone)

  • Speed up post-match recovery (who needs an ice bath!) and post-injury recovery
  • Be used in the event of acute injuries (even on the field treatment) because it does not rely on any deep tissue techniques to achieve the required results and can therefore be used over swollen areas. In fact, it will help to reduce swelling.
  • Break bad sleeping patterns, leading to elevated energy levels
  • Improve breathing, which can lead to improved oxygen absorption, leading to improved performance
  • Calm pre-match “jitters” or “butterflies”
  • Together with Apple Cider Vinegar fight inflammation in acute injuries and speed up healing far quicker than the application of ice!