Hip, Knee, Ankle /Foot Pain.


If you have this type of pain and have had direct trauma (impact) to the body part we start by relaxing the whole body then doing specific Bowenwork procedures that promote muscle release and reduce swelling(inflammation). In these cases Bowework can usually resolve your issues in *2-4 sessions. If there is no direct trauma then the injury is usually caused by muscle imbalances and (unknowingly) improper use of the body.

Chronic or gradual onset cases usually take a little longer to resolve. We start by going over the imbalances in the body and start postural exercises to balance the body. Then we will relax the body and use specific Bowenwork procedures to release the lower body and the body part that is in pain. In these cases the first session is usually11/2 hours long with others being 1 hour long and *average of about 6 - 8 sessions being needed. More sessions are needed in lower body injuries because of bigger muscles and more constant use of the lower body.