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Learn how to restore optimum function while you eliminate your pain


Body Restoration is a system that requires the balancing of the entire body to achieve results. The body ALWAYS works as a unit so it must be restored as a unit.We cannot isolate an injured body part and expect proper healing of the body. Because of this, we can help you eliminate many aches and pains at the same time. 

The Body Restoration Clinic uses methods that are usually very different than conventional types of pain management therapies. We use therapies that have been shown to work with the body's physiology and help to stimulate the body's natural healing and corrective processes.  This is why our success rate is over 96%

Some examples are:


The number one rule at the Body Restoration Clinic is - You are NOT ALLOWED to cause yourself pain! This also means that we are not allowed to hurt you. Pain has one purpose in the body, that is to warn you that something is wrong.

 "There is a tendency among some practitioners to regard brief periods of intense pain as being a worth-while price to pay for the promised long-term improvements. This justification is sometimes carried to the extent that excessive pressures are used which bruise or even tear various tissues. Such an attitude is ill advised, and I would strongly urge any client to refuse to tolerate extreme pain during a bodywork session. For one thing, acute pain announces imminent tissue damage. For another, even in the absence of actual damage, acute pain creates a reflex neuromuscular contractile response which reverses the desired process of softening and lengthening" Deane Juhan - Job's Body.

After all, clients come to see us to get rid of pain not create more!


Ice can help to stop or reduce inflammation, but also restricts blood flow as the temperature of the area gets lower. Ice can also cause frostbite if left on the area too long. We use Sodium Carbonate crystals which are anhydrous (easily absorb moisture) over an inflamed area to literally pull the inflammation out of the body. The crystals reduce the inflammation, and do not reduce blood flow, which allows for a faster healing process.


Many different physiological processes happen in the body when you stretch. Autogenic inhibition, reciprocal inhibition, myotatic stretch reflex to name a few. We have learned how each type of stretch stimulates each of the processes of the body and when it is most beneficial to apply each one. Also consider that when a muscle is stretched, the loosest part of the muscle will stretch before the tight section (usually trigger points). Think of silly putty or gum, when you pull it, the thinner, more flexible parts stretch before the big lumps. This can cause you to over-stretch tendons and ligaments before the muscle ever starts to stretch. You also temporarily restrict blood supply and constrict the nerves when you hold a stretch. This is why we usually will not suggest conventional static stretching to most clients, we use the body's physiology to loosen muscles.

 "It is a gift when someone can challenge you and open your mind to new ideas"       Professor Craig E. Franklin, School of Integrative Biology - University of Queensland

Listen to me discuss Body Restoration and Bowenwork at Group Fitness Talk Radio:


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Single Session - $80
(20-45 minutes)
Structural assessment - $30
(~20 minutes)

Children under 12 free!



Method of payments:

Cash, check, and credit card

Insurance does not cover the Body Restoration method.



People often ask why I only charge $80 per session, and why my prices have only gone up $20 in 14 years. To give you the answer I have to tell you a little bit about my background.

I grew up in Eastside San Jose, in a single parent home, occasionally on food stamps. I understand what it's like to not have money to afford the basics in life. Since insurance usually does not cover the methods I use to help relieve your pain and many people are now uninsured, I make sure that relief is affordable to anyone that needs it.

The methods that I use are so effective that my average client only needs to see me 6 times, and that is usually spread over a 2-3 month period to resolve most pain issues. At $80 per session with a postural assessment, that's only $510 total to help you relieve your pain and teach you how to keep it from coming back. Some chiropractors want you to pay several thousand dollars up front, then want you to continue with regular adjustments for the rest of your life. Most massage therapist also want you to come in regularly for "tune-ups".

Once I help you get rid of your pain I don't want to see you again unless you hurt another body part. I want you to go out and live an active and pain free life!