What is Body Restoration?


As of July 1, 2017 The Body Restoration Clinic will be part of the Integrated Wellness Modalities private membership association. We will only work with members of that association. To become a member please go to www.IntegratedWellnessModalities.org


About Body Restoration


Body Restoration is a unique combination of physics and biomechanical based postural movements and neurological rebalancing of muscle tension and structural function. It is movement re-education designed to teach you how to move efficiently and correctly with no need for painful spinal manipulations or deep massage.

At the Body Restoration Clinic we are not satisfied with pain management. Although there are rare cases where this is the only option, majority of people can learn how to move properly and eliminate their pain completely. We are here to give you the tools and more importantly, the knowledge so that you can keep yourself pain free.  Other clinics or therapist want you to come back for regular tune ups, maintenance or you read their testimonials that say they have been seeing that clinic for years .Our attitude is (except for those rare exceptions), if you have to keep coming back to us because your pain keeps returning, then we have failed. WE DO NOT LIKE TO FAIL !

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Insurance does not cover the Body Restoration method.