About the Clinic

About the Clinic

Insurance does not cover the Body Restoration method.

The Body Restoration Clinic was started as a true way to help the body heal itself. Our philosophy is the same as most DC's and CMT's, that the body can inherently heal itself. . The two big differences are that we work directly with the nervous system to achieve muscular balance; we do not do spinal adjustment or physically loosen muscles. The other is that we teach our clients to keep themselves in balance so the body can stay in its optimum healing capability, where most DC's and CMT's say that the body can heal itself as long as you go in to see them to keep your spine healthy and muscles loose.

Bones can only do what muscles make them do. Muscles can only do what the nerves tell them to do. So why not work directly with the nerves to address muscle and bone issues? That's what we do! It is a much more efficient and much less painful way to achieve balance in the body.

Sean has been a massage therapist and a fitness trainer since1999 and a Bowenwork Faculty senior instructor from 2009 to 2016. He is trained in-

Bowenwork, Practitioner-2005

Massage Therapy program- DeAnza College

OPT Fitness Trainer – National Academy of Sports Medicine

Integrated Flexability specialist – National Academy of Sports Medicine

Postural Alignment Specialist – Egoscue University

Muscle Balance & Function system

Trigger Point Therapy

Active Isolated Stretching

Strain-counter strain

Voila Structural Joint Balancing



Direct & Indirect Myofascial release

Sports Massage

Reiki Master


Neuro-linguistic programming


Intuitive Methodologies

Energy Medicine Essentials

Matritx Energetics

Master Harmonic Resonance Technology

Energy Psychology 

Gateway Voyage – Monroe Institute

Inner Vegas – Monroe Institute

Syncreation – Monroe Institute

Silva Method

Balck belt- Chinese Kempo

Black belt – American Kenpo

Metabolic typing

Psychic coaching- Dr. La Tourrette Ph.D

Higher Balance  Institute - Various courses